251 Administrative Organizational Plan


    251         -     Administrative Organizational Plan

    The District Administrator shall establish clear understandings on the part of all personnel of the working relationships in the school system. Lines of direct responsibility shall be those approved by the Board and shown on the District’s organizational chart (Exhibit 251).

    Personnel shall be expected to refer matters requiring administrative action to the administrator to whom they are responsible. That administrator shall refer such matters to the next higher administrative authority when necessary. Additionally, all personnel are expected to keep the person to whom they are immediately responsible informed of their activities by whatever means the person in charge deems appropriate.

    The District Administrator may revise lines of responsibility and the organizational chart subject to Board approval of major changes and the elimination or creation of positions. The Board expects the District Administrator to keep the administrative structure current and to promote accountability throughout the school system.

    Legal Ref.:     Sections 118.24 and 120.12(2), Wisconsin Statutes

    Cross Ref.:     Exhibit 251, Organizational Chart

    Approved:      August 21, 1997

    Revised:         May 21, 2009


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