Classroom News

  • Here's what we are learning this quarter!


    This quarter the theme will be "No One Like Me" which will focus reading books and thinking deeply about being unique and how to treat others.  We will review and practice independent reading skills and begin guided reading groups. 


    In Everyday Math this quarter we will start by reviewing number sense, clocks and coins.  Unit 2 will focus on addition and subtraction facts, as well as fact families. In Unit 3 we will learn about place value, telling time, and deepen our understanding of money.

      Writing Workshop

    We are starting off the year by learning the writing process.  We will then write a narrative story, persuasive book review, and informational poetry.



    *In Science we are doing a lot of experiments with plants.  We have been learning what plants need in order to live.  We've planted grass (rye, alfalfa), wheat, and also cut some stem cuttings.  We are discovering and making observations about how they grow and what happens if they don't have the things they need in order to grow.



    *In health/guidance we will be learning about classroom rules, bullies, empathy for others, and how to solve problems.  We use a program called  Second Step as a way to learn about empathy, solving problems, and anger management.