A Message From Mr. Riddell


    Welcome to Rockwell P.E.



    Hello Roadrunners!  My name is Mr. Riddell, and I am the P.E. (gym) teacher here at Rockwell.  P.E. stands for Physical Education, which is exactly what I am going to do.....educate you physically!!  You will be educated in many different team sports, individual sports, fitness exercises, as well as other games and activities throughout you Roadrunner school year.  On top of participating in all of the exciting games and activities, we will also be focusing on good sportsmanship, group work, individual work, and healthy eating habits.  To ensure we have the best year possible in the Roadrunner gym, I ask each student to follow a few simple rules........

    Rule # 1 - ALWAYS have proper foot wear on P.E. days.  Proper foot wear consists of tennis shoes that tie, or have tight and secure velcro....and socks.  Please do not wear sandals, boots, or slip-on shoes.

    Rule # 2 - Understand that each student is at their own level when it comes to physical activity.  Everyone is in P.E. to grow as individuals and work towards mastering their skills.  PLEASE respect each student and their physical abilities.

    Rule # 3 - HAVE FUN!  Come into P.E. with excitement, a positive attitude, and desire to learn.....physically!!