Teach Me How to Be A Respectful & Responsible Individual Everyday!

  • Teach Me How to Be A Respectful & Responsible Individual Everyday!



    So much of what we aim to teach students beyond the academics and enrichments is to become good citizens who will quickly develop into positive contributors in our school, in their families and throughout the community. The premise is that in all situations, and with all people, we must act respectfully towards ourselves and toward others. Even if we have disagreements or frustrations with others, we must still communicate this in a respectful manner. Additionally, being respectful is not just something we do when people are watching, it must be a character trait even when others are not watching.




    As we mold and shape our students into positive contributors to society; and to encourage them to be lifelong learners, we must instill in them responsibility. This can cover a wide range of circumstances such as turning in homework on time, staying on task in independent work, handling tasks requested of students (both at school and at home), keeping track of their personal items (especially during the winter with snow gear, hats, gloves, backpacks, etc.), acting responsibly in the hallways and towards each other (being safe) and beginning to understand and apply their natural gifts and abilities (responsibility to positively contribute).


    Our belief:


    As educators, it is our belief that Respect and Responsibility cover nearly every skill and behavioral attribute we desire to see in our students as we go beyond the academic skills and continually focus on the “soft skills” so vitally necessary for success as adults.


    Rewarding for good behaviors:


    Students will be able to earn a blue slip that reads “Today I was Being A Respectful and Responsible Individual Enthusiastically!” These are given to students who are demonstrating respectful and responsible behavior in noticeable situations - beyond what is routinely required of all of our students. These slips can be given by any adult in the building. If the student receives a slip from an adult other than his or her teacher, they will need to turn their slip into a box in the main office. This will enable the child to earn special recognition in class that week (a privilege deemed appropriate by the classroom teacher). The blue slip will then be posted on the bulletin board outside of the office. At the end of each month a winner from each grade level will selected by randomly pulling their blue slip from a box. The winner from each classroom will eat lunch with Mr. Torrenga and the student’s classroom teacher, along with the other winners for that month (Mr. Torrenga will likely bring some treats J). Our goal will be to focus on every student and to catch each student going above and beyond, being a respectful and responsible individual at some point in the school year!