Important Class Documents

  • Our Fourth Grade Classroom

    Please visit page to learn more about our grade.  Fourth grade is very different from previous grades.  Fourth graders are expected to complete more homework and be more independent.  You begin preparing for life as an intermediate student.   

     Please read through the documents that are listed below.  You receive a paper copy of most documents at the beginning of the school year at Luther Elementary's "Back to School Night."  They include:

    Snack Note

    Homework Expectations Agreement

    Parent Interest Survey

    Communication Through Email Form

    Mrs. Bouvier's Class Expectations

    To view the documents below, double click on the selected document and it will open.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

    I suggest viewing the page titled "Fourth Grade Curriculum".  Read about the different academic areas and expectations of Fourth Grade. 

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