AR 351 - Summer School



    AR 351 -      Summer School


                         High school courses may be offered to make up credits caused by course failures. The

                         Following guidelines will be in effect for those courses:


    A.           Objectives and content of each course will be tailored to the needs of each individual student.


    B.           Each student and student’s parent/guardian shall sign a “Summer School Contract” which will be developed and approved by the summer school teachers, high school principal, and summer school director. The signed contract must be returned by the third day of summer school. The contract will detail expectations in such areas as attendance, work habits, and behavior.


    C.           Each course shall meet for a minimum of 28 class periods to be considered one half credit. A class period shall be 120 minutes in length.


    D.           Letter grades for each course shall be assigned at the completion of the summer session.


    E.            A student taking a summer school course shall have both the initial failing grade and the summer school grade recorded on his/her transcript and both shall be included in the calculation of Grade Point Average.


    F.            At the end of each summer session, each summer school teacher shall evaluate the course(s) he/she taught according to the manner established.


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