352.1 Extended Field Trips or Foreign Study Tours

  • BOARD POLICY 352.1

    352.1      -     Extended Field Trips or Foreign Study Tours

    The Board authorizes the District Administrator to review extended field trips or foreign trips for students. An extended field trip is any field trip that involves an overnight stay. A foreign trip is travel to any country outside of the United States.

    Before any extended field trip or foreign trip is approved, the District Administrator shall review the instructional purposes of the trip, transportation and/or lodging arrangements, financial responsibilities and district legal responsibilities and liabilities.

    The group or trip coordinator, prior to leaving, must check with the State Department to ensure the foreign travel destination is a safe place to visit.

    The District Administrator or designee will approve, in advance, all extended field trips. The Board will approve, in advance, all foreign trips submitted by the District Administrator.

    Approved:      July 22, 2002

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