361 Selection of Instructional Materials


    361         -     Selection of Instructional Materials

    The Board is responsible for all book and material purchases and recognizes the student’s right of access to many different types of learning materials. The Board also recognizes the right of teachers and administrators to select books and other materials in accordance with the established curriculum and current trends in education, and to make them available in the schools. Materials selected for our schools shall be in accord with the following conditions:

    A.     Instructional Material Selection

    Selection of textbooks and supplementary materials associated with the textbooks shall follow a District procedure which includes (a) K-12 representation of staff; (b) correlation with the curriculum; (c) a review of nondiscrimination factors; (d) an opportunity for parent or community involvement; and (e) Board review and approval. Instructional materials shall not be excluded because of the racial, nationality, political or religious views of the writer or style or language.

    B.      Library/Media Materials

    Materials that present various points of view concerning current problems and issues will be provided. International, national and local, and books or other reading matter of sound factual authority shall not be proscribed or removed from library shelves or classrooms because of partisan or doctrinal approval or disapproval.

    C.      Complaint Procedure

    Complaints regarding specific instructional materials shall follow a procedure established by the District (AR361B). Attempted censorship of instructional materials shall be challenged in order to maintain the school’s responsibility to provide information and enlightenment.

    The District does not discriminate in the selection and evaluation of instructional and library materials on any basis protected by federal, state or local laws.

    Legal Ref.:     Sections 118.03, 118.12, 118.13, 120.10(15), 120.13(5), 121.02(1)(h), Wisconsin Statutes PI 8.01(2)(h), PI 9.03(1), Wisconsin Administrative Code

    Cross Ref.:    AR 361.1A - Textbook Adoption Procedure, AR 411.1 - Student Harassment Complaint Procedures, AR 361B - Instructional Materials Complaint Review Procedure, Library Bill of Rights, January 23, 1980

    Approved:  October 16, 1997

    Reviewed:  April 9, 2003

    Revised:  June 17, 2010


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