AR 361 (Section B)


    (Section B)



    AR 361   -     Instructional Materials Complaint Review Procedure:



                         In accordance with Board Policy 361, the following procedure shall be followed to deal with attempted censorship of books or other materials.


                         A.     Any parent who wishes to request reconsideration of the use of any instructional material in the school must make such a request in writing on Board approved forms, which are available from building principals (AR112 Discrimination Complaint Form). The reconsideration request must be signed and identified so that a reply may be given.


                         B.      No parent or group of parents has the right to determine the reading matter for students other than their own children.


                         C.      The Board does, however, recognize the right of an individual parent to request that the parent’s child not have to read a given instructional material provided a written request is made to the appropriate building principal.


                         D.     A committee of two teachers and one librarian, appointed by the principal, shall review the objectionable material and judge whether it conforms to the above stated principles. The committee will submit its report in writing to the principal with a copy to the District Administrator.


                         E.      If the matter cannot be resolved at the building level, then the written criticism along with the principal’s evaluation will be forwarded to the District Administrator for disposition. The concerned parties will be notified of the final disposition in writing.


                         F.      The final decision concerning controversial instructional material shall rest with the Board after careful examination and discussion of the book or reading matter with school officials or anyone else the Board may wish to involve.


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