370 Interscholastic and Other Cocurricular Programs


    370         -     Interscholastic and Other Cocurricular Programs

    For purposes of this policy, “interscholastic and other cocurricular activities” are defined as those programs that have expenditures included in and paid through the budget of the District and/or whose advisor, coach, or manager is reimbursed according to the additive schedule and/or extended contract in the Employee Handbook. Student organizations whose funds are maintained for the benefit of students separately from the District funded program (according to Board Policy 662.1) are not considered cocurricular activities for the purposes of this policy.

    The academic development of all students is the focus of the School District of Fort Atkinson. Interscholastic and other cocurricular programs give students an opportunity to develop their interests, attitudes, and skills without adversely affecting academic development. Sportsmanship and a sense of accomplishment are key components of all interscholastic and cocurricular programs.

    Interscholastic and cocurricular programs shall be available to students at all levels in the public schools of the School District of Fort Atkinson. These activities are recognized as part of the total educational program of the District. The School District shall not schedule high school interscholastic or cocurricular activities after 6:30 PM on the day preceding semester examinations.

    Participation in interscholastic and other cocurricular programs shall follow appropriate policies and regulations of the School District of Fort Atkinson and the WIAA. Students who violate these policies, rules, and regulations will be subject to disciplinary action.

    The School District shall not discriminate in admission to any program or activity, standards, rules of behavior, disciplinary actions or facilities on any basis protected by federal, state or local laws. Discrimination complaints shall be processed in accordance with established procedures. 

    Legal Ref.:   Sections 118.13, 120.12(23), and 120.13(1), Wisconsin Statutes

    PI 9.03(1) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code

    Cross Ref.:   AR 411.1 - Student Harassment Complaint Procedures

    Board Policy 662.1 - Student Activity Funds Management

    Student Athletic Code

    Employee Handbook


    Approved:   February 19, 1998

    Revised:   June 21, 2012

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