372 Student Publications




    372         -     Student Publications


                         In the interest of developing responsible student journalism, the following guidelines shall be observed:


                         A.     Educators shall teach the responsibilities that accompany the First Amendment to the Constitution which protects the right of citizens to freedom of expression.


                         B.      Student publications and electronic facilities shall serve as educational tools.


                         C.      Student journalists have:


                                  1.   The right to report and editorialize on events, ideas and issues in the school, community, nation and world.


                                  2.   An obligation to seek and present contrasting views.


                                  3.   An obligation to learn and observe the legal and ethical responsibilities expected of professional journalists, including accuracy and fairness.


                                  4.   The responsibility to know and observe applicable laws including libel, slander, obscenity, privacy, copyright and substantial disruption of school activities and shall consider accepted community standards of decency and good taste.


                                  5.   The responsibility to consult with and carefully consider the views of their print and broadcast advisors regarding the content of their student publications.


                         D.     Advisors and students are encouraged to seek the counsel of professional journalists. 


                         Cross Ref.:    Code of Ethics of Society of Professional Journal, Sigma Delta Chi


                         Approved:      September 18, 1997

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