374 Student Fund-Raising Activities




    374         -     Student Fund-Raising Activities


                         When authorized by the District Administrator or his/her designee, students may, under adult supervision, raise funds for school-related purposes which are beyond the needs of the basic instructional program. Such fund-raising shall be conducted as specified under the rules and regulations of the Board and shall not be conducted in any manner that would violate federal, state or local laws.


                         No schools or co-curricular, interscholastic, or student organization shall participate in raising funds for groups or organizations that are not school-related (such as the “-athons”) designed to raise money for outside groups, except where there exists a clear voluntary service learning opportunity for students approved in advance by the District Administrator or his/her designee.


                         Legal Ref.:     Sections 103.23, 103.64, 118.12, Wisconsin Statutes


                         Cross Ref.:    Board Policy 375 – Contests for Students

                                              Board Policy 662.1 – School-Sponsored Student Organization (Agency) Funds Management

    Board Policy 850 – Public Solicitations

    Board Policy 881.1 – Relations with School Support Organizations/Booster Clubs

    Board Policy 881.1-Exhibit – Application For Official Sanction Of School Support Organization/Booster Club

                                              Board Policy 881.2 – Relations with Parent-Teacher Organizations

    Board Policy 881.2 Exhibit – Application For Official Sanction Of Parent-Teacher Organization


                         Approved:      September 18, 1997


                         Revised:         March 20, 2008


                         Revised:         December 17, 2009


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