375 Contests for Students




    375         -     Contests for Students


    All proposals for contests or awards benefiting the District and its students, sponsored by community organizations must be submitted to the District Administrator for approval. Such proposals will be evaluated on the basis of their contributions to the educational program.


                         In general, the list of awards and contests published and approved annually by the National Association of Secondary School Principals shall be followed.


                         Cross Ref.:    Board Policy 374 - Student Fund Raising Activities

                                              Board Policy 850 – Public Solicitations

                                              Board Policy 881.1 – Relations with School Support Organizations/Booster Clubs

    Board Policy 881.1-Exhibit – Application For Official Sanction Of School Support Organization/Booster Club

                                              Board Policy 881.2 – Relations with Parent-Teacher Organizations

                                              Board Policy 881.2 Exhibit – Application For Official Sanction Of Parent-Teacher Organization


                         Approved:      September 18, 1997


                         Revised:         December 17, 2009


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