Reading, Writing, and Spelling Words

  •      This year your child will be given 100 words for your child to learn to read, write, and spell.  It is important that your child learn these without hesitation.  We will add Five new words each week until we have mastered all 100 words.  (The blue words are for the first quarter, the green words are for the second quarter, and orange are for the third quarter.)

    Week One:  go, the, come, is, my

    Week Two: can, here, see, no, you

    Week Three: am, I, me, to said

    Week Four: like, at, up, and, for

    Week Five:  big, not, in, be, he

    Week Six:  look, it, ran, on, we

    Week Seven: so, his, got, day, play

    Week Eight:  us, by, she, will, are

    Week Nine:  get, from, with, all, one

    Week Ten:  that, have, came, has, as

    Week Eleven:  into, an, man, him, they

    Week Twelve:  her, after, this, then, but

    Week Thirteen:  did, had, went, than, I'm

    Week Fourteen:  away, was, if, do, make

    Week Fifteen:  back, going, or, very, your

    Week Sixteen:  don't, just, now, of, over

    Week Seventeen:  been, how, little, saw, put

    Week Eighteen:  brother, mother, them, other, was

    Week Nineteen:  because, before, out, our

    Twenty: What, when, who, two:

    Twenty-one:  could, would, where, there

    Twenty-two:  their, friend, they were




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