383 Animal Use




    383 - Animal Use

    Animals (any living or nonliving organisms) are appropriate for educational use in School District of Fort Atkinson classrooms. Utmost consideration must be given to the welfare (care) of any living animal housed on school district premises or at school-sponsored events.

    Any project involving animals must be approved by the science advisor or teach and must adhere to the animal use guidelines. 

    Legal Ref.:        Sections 118.07(4), 106.52, 120.13, 121.02(1)(i), 252.21, 254.56, Wisconsin Statutes

    Americans with Disabilities Act

                            Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

                            Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act


    Cross Ref.:       Administrative Rule 383 – Procedures for Animal Use and Care



    Approved:        February 17, 2000  



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