Kindergarten Homework

  • Starting second quarter, your child will bring home fun activities that you can do together. As you read the instructions and complete the activities, your child will be developing essential skills in language, math, science, and more. In addition, by spending time with your child on schoolwork, your child will learn how much you value education!


    Every child is different, and every child progresses at a different pace. Your child may find that some of the activities are easy, while others may require help from you. Developing good writing skills takes lots of practice, so be sure to encourage your child to write any letters, words or numbers independently. The results do not have to be perfect!


    Each Monday, your child will bring home a new assignment in their homework folder. Please work on the activities with your child and return the completed assignment the following Monday. Please do not feel pressure to complete homework each week. I understand that life gets busy at times. Please just do what you can.






  • Read Every Day (R.E.D.)

    The R.E.D (Read Every Day) log is part of your child’s nightly reading homework. By reading with your child as often as you can and asking the provided questions, you will promote and practice fluency and comprehension skills to support this journey!

    For homework each night, please do the following:

    • Have your child read the book that is in their homework folder
      • Please do not allow your child to struggle through the words. Give him/her a chance to decode it, but if they continue to struggle, tell them the word so they can continue reading.
    • Ask your child 3-4 comprehension questions (if applicable with the book)
    • Write the title of the book, the date, and your signature on the reading log.

    **Please note: Your child may log other books on their R.E.D log that they read at home with you, not just the book in their homework folder.**

    We take part in the BOOK IT! Program from Pizza Hut. BOOK IT! motivates children to read by rewarding their reading accomplishments with praise, recognition and pizza. Each month your child will be rewarded with a free personal pizza coupon when they return their competed R.E.D log.

    I am so eager to witness the excitement as your child’s ability to read improves and grows this year!

    Thank you so much for your support!