My Story

  • Dear Parents,

              Congratulations on having a child in the Fourth Grade!  My name is Mrs. Keating and I will be your child’s teacher this year. I have been in the field of education for the last 22 years.  I have had the pleasure of teaching children at Rockwell for 9 years.  

    Fourth grade is a transitional year for children. Your child may, at times, show a shift in mood, be more dramatic over friendships, and grow into their new role as an upper elementary student. More responsibility and greater expectations are placed upon them. They are developing greater intellect as well. With this in mind it is more important than ever that we work together to help your child achieve success for this year and years to come. Your child will become much more independent and responsible for their work, especially by the 2nd semester.

               I believe common sense, a bit of love and logic, and perseverance is needed in order to succeed in school and succeed in life. In addition, having character qualities such as respect, empathy, and responsibility also help children have positive relationships with their peers.  Like you, I want your child to do their best and have a positive and memorable year. As a parent myself, I can attest that parenting is inherently hard work, so for the sake of your child it only makes sense we are on a united front.

              I am also asking you to look through your child’s Daily Planner each day. As a fourth grader, your child is old enough to be able to fill out each subject and write down assignments when given (and check them off if done either in class or at home J).  I highly recommend you have a conversation with your child each evening about their school day.  The daily planner is an incredible organization tool. It helps your child meet all due dates, keep track of upcoming events, stay organized, and keeps you, the parent, informed as to exactly what your child is doing each day. I am a big believer that, at the elementary age, home time is family time, so I try to keep homework to a minimum.

              I am excited about the upcoming school year and being your child’s teacher. I want to keep open communication between us. Please feel free to call (563-7818), email(, write a note in the daily planner, or stop in to speak with me. I look forward to another great year!



    Mrs. Julie Keating

    Rockwell 4th Grade