Everyday Math Parent Letter

  • By the end of 1st quarter students are expected to know all of their multiplication and division facts 0-12's.

    **Please have your child practice their flashcards or basic fact website for 10 minutes every night.

    Students are using the Everyday Math program.  You can expect a Study Link worksheet to be sent home nightly as homework.  This worksheet will consist of 5-10 problems which will be expected to be finished and returned the next morning.

    At the beginning of each Unit, a Family Newsletter will be sent home to help you understand what your child is learning in class.  It will give you useful information including answers to the Study Links, vocabulary, and activities that you can do with your child.

    Each student is able to access the Everyday Math book using the website and password.( everydaymathonline.com )

    Each child is given 3 copies of their ID and password. One should be in their planner, one in their folder and one to be put in a safe place at home:) Students can also access the games that are available to help them build up their skills on this website.  It is a great way for students to practice their facts and the new skills we are working on in class in a fun way.