• Illustrative Mathematics



    IM K–5 Math beta sparks student engagement and fosters conceptual understanding of the underlying mathematics principles:

    • Students use mathematics to make mathematical connections and develop conceptual understanding.
    • Students enjoy mathematics while they discuss and defend their reasoning.
    • Teachers facilitate lessons with confidence.

    IM K–5 Math beta is a coherent, standards-aligned, and problem-based elementary curriculum uniquely focused on:

    • conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application
      Instructional routines, representations, and math tools are carefully planned to help students develop and understand mathematical concepts and procedures.
    • grade-level progressions and research-based learning trajectories
      Every routine, activity, and lesson has a place in the mathematical story across units and grade levels based on standards and learning trajectories.
    • formative assessments with clear pathways to address student outcomes
      Innovative staged centers, cool-downs, monitoring sheets, and section quizzes equip teachers to easily monitor and guide student progress.
    • embedded teacher learning that builds confidence in practice
      Teacher reflection questions, embedded curriculum narratives, and a PLC framework continually support teacher learning.
    • extensive curriculum-aligned professional learning
      Teachers feel confident and ready to implement the curriculum with integrated professional learning that supports teachers to develop, refine, and reflect on instructional practices.