• FOSS Science

    (Full Option Science System)

    The FOSS program reflects current research and recommendations regarding best practice in science education. The FOSS program includes the following attributes:

    • Rich, real, relevant and rigorous science experiences presented through the three types of science learning:  hands-on/minds-on, pictorial classroom activities and symbolic and or narrative instruction
    • Age appropriate and age-appealing units of study
    • Opportunity for students to problem solve in a small group setting
    • Foster inquiry by challenging students to pursue their own questions and develop their own ideas
    • Engaging learning experiences that require students to connect their learning and build on prior experiences
    • Opportunities for students to create and use new knowledge as well as share and discuss their ideas with peers


    Students will be working in small groups of 3-4 students all year. There are three units of instruction 5th graders will be experiencing:  Variables, Mixtures & Solutions, and Solar Energy. There will be 3-4 investigations per unit allowing students ample opportunity to truly dive deep and explore each unit.


    During each group investigation each individual student will have a job to help their group collaborate. Student jobs are the following:

    -        Equipment Manager~ Responsible for getting materials & group binders.

    -        Cleanup Crew~ Responsible for returning materials & group binders.

    • Group Leader~ Passes out materials and makes sure everyone has a turn and an opportunity to share ideas.
    • Reporter~ Responsible for making sure everyone recorded information in their notebooks, shares group data, and writes on the board or chart.