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  • Words Their Way

    Words Their Way is a foundational program that helps students develop those foundational skills targeted in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). Specifically, Words Their Way supports the CCSS’s Reading Foundational Skills and Language Standards in Grades K–5. The depth and breadth of word knowledge developed through the Words Their Way approach to word study also supports the Common Core’s emphasis on students’ reading more complex literary and informational texts. 

    Words Their Way: Word Study in Action Developmental Model aligns students’ spelling development into five research-based stages. This developmental model recognizes the synchronous nature of reading, writing, and spelling, and has identified common characteristics of readers, writers, and spellers along the literacy continuum.

    Most fifth graders will fall into one of the following stages of language development:

    Syllables & Affixes: 

    Focuses on compound words, inflected endings, open & closed syllables, accented & unaccented syllables, and prefixes and suffixes.

    Derivational Relations:

    Focuses on prefixes & suffixes, Greek and Latin roots, and assimilated prefixes. 


    *Curriculum Information obtained from the School District of Fort Atkinson & Words Their Way Website