Social Studies

  • Social Studies

    Fifth grade social studies is taught in thematic units. Students learn concepts, facts and skills under each area. Active participation is key during Social Studies instruction. Mrs. Tamblyn will be teaching Social Studies this year! This is a wonderful opportunity for students to experience a different teacher for a subject as it will better prepare them for middle school!

    During fifth grade, students explore world continents & world cultures. Students will experience the following social studies units:

    Map & Globe Skills

    Knowledge and Awareness of Current Events

     Cultures & Celebrations of:  Mexico, Japan, Egypt, & Italy

     Trade & Time focusing on:  Fur, Spice, Salt, and Silk trade

     World Continents by Region: South & North America, Europe & Russia, East & West    Asia, & Africa

     Immigration:  Focusing on the cultures of Jamaica, Vietnam, Guatemala, &

    *Information obtained from the School District of Fort Atkinson Curriculum Brochure