Importance of Homework



    Homework is new for many fourth graders.  It may be hard and may require some teaching, modeling, and practice before it becomes second nature for your child.  If we can work together to instill good homework behaviors now, it will make the rest of your child's school experience a whole lot easier.    Students in fourth grade will need guidance from their parents, but they will not benefit from having their parents do the work for them.  Parental help can be checking, reading along with your child, and/or giving more or a different explanation.  Remember that there are many ways to solve problems.  I may teach one way, but your child may benefit from another explanation (your way).  If you ever have any questions, please do not be afraid to call.


    Here are some ideas to help make homework a better experience for your child:

    1.  Set up a special place that your child does his/her homework each night.  That way your child is less likely to take lots of time becoming acquainted with new surroundings each night.  It can be a desk, but could also be your kitchen table.  Try to keep it free from too many distractions, but close enough that you can help if need be.

    2.  Try to have your child complete homework at about the same time each night.  This gets the child into a routine that often makes homework easier.

    3.  Make sure you have appropriate materials available for your child.  Paper, pencils, erasers, crayons, and a dictionary are some examples of materials to have available.

    4.  Pack the homework into the backpack as soon as it is done.  That way no one is searching for it when time is short right before leaving the house.