District Behavior Program

  • Mrs. Schafer's Kindergarten 
    Behavior Expectations
    Our Kindergarten is a safe and happy place where lots of learning happens. We are a classroom family where teamwork and good relationships are expected. We will spend time learning class procedures and practicing them. Each student is expected to act within our standards of behavior. Problems will be dealt with one on one. If misbehaviors continue, we will contact your for support.
    Please review the following kindergarten classroom rules with your child. Ask your child to tell you what they mean. These are the rules we came up with together as a class.
    1. Hands and feet to yourself. 
    2. Be a good friend.
    3. Ears Listening.
    4. Raise your hand.
    5. Be Safe.
    6. Be Responsible.
    7. Be Respectful.

    District Wide Clip Chart for Parents
    Magenta = Outstanding
    Purple= Great Job
    Blue= Good Day
    Green= Ready to Learn
    Yellow= Think About It
    Orange=Teachers Choice
    Red=Parent Contact

    Teacher's Choice 

    Practice Expected Behavior
    Review Behavior Expectations
    Loss of Playtime in Classroom
    Contact Parent