Healthy Treats


    Healthy Treats! 


    As a district we are working on transitioning to healthier snacks and birthday treats for the kiddos.  I am asking for your support in helping me promote healthy choices for the students.  “Health-friendlier” options that you may consider are listed below.  I encourage you to allow your child to be a part of the selection of the birthday treat from a range of healthy parent-led choices.  I am hoping the children will be very proud of themselves and their families when they bring in healthy treats for their classmates.


    Check out this website for more ideas…




    -         popcorn

    -         low sugar cookies

    -         soft pretzels

    -         granola bars

    -         mini-whole wheat bagels

    -         muffins

    -         crackers and cheese

    -         frozen yogurt

    -         fruit kabobs

    -         watermelon, orange slices, grapes, strawberries

    -         raw veggies with dip

    -         frozen fruit bars

    -         ants on a log

    -         string cheese

    -         graham crackers/animal crackers

    -         non-food items (pencils, erasers, stickers, etc.)

    -         Jell-o topped with a low-fat whipped cream

    -         Baked tortilla chips with salsa

    -         Apples dipped in caramel sauce

    -         Trail mix

    -         Yogurt and granola

    -         Jell-o jigglers

    -         Angel food cupcakes with a strawberry on top.

    -         Rice Krispie treats

    -         Balloon bouquet – each child can pick a balloon

    -         Read a birthday book to the class