AR 431 (Appendix B) Letter to Parents Regarding Student Absences

  • Appendix B




    Current date



    To the Parent/Guardian of ______________________,


    This letter is to inform you that your son/daughter____________________________ has missed

    ___________________ school days due to a variety of reasons. I am very concerned about your child’s education. It is well documented that the greater a students attendance rate, the greater his/her successes are in school.


    Due to the large number of days missed, I am requesting a note from a medical doctor for any future days missed. If your child misses any full or partial day of school for the remainder of the school year, a note from a licensed medical doctor must come with the child on the very first day he/she returns to school. If such a note is not provided to the associate principal, the absence will be considered a truancy, and we will follow through accordingly.


    Our intention is positive. We want to be able to provide the best opportunities available to your child here at ________________ High School.


    If you have any questions or concerns, I welcome your phone call. My number is 000-000-0000.







    Associate Principal

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