Live Above the Line

  • “Above the Line”

    Our school wide discipline program was inspired by Corwin Kronenberg.  It focuses on love and logic along with catching kids being good.

    Children have four rules to follow in order to live above the line:

    Be Respectful

    Be Responsible

    Be Safe

    Be Ready to Learn

    When inappropriate behavior occurs, we have appropriate consequences involving three steps:

    A student will receive a reminder to fix their behavior from a staff member.  For example, if a student is running in the hallway, a teacher will ask the student to go back and walk.

    If the student continues the inappropriate behavior or refuses to fix it, the student will be asked to go to a ‘Fix It’ station and complete a ‘Fix It’ form.  This form will come home for a parent to sign and return to school.  If it is not sent back the following school day, the student will miss their morning recess, and will be sent to the office to call a parent and remind them to send it the following day.

    Step three is for more severe actions such as fighting or bullying.  Mr. Geiger will be called, or the student will be sent to the office.

    ‘Fix It’ sheets are not a replacement for Behavioral Referrals/Write-Ups.  These will continue to be used for more severe actions, such as those outlined in step three.

    Luther School hopes that all students will be able to live above the line and be positive role models in and out of our school.