AR 431 (Appendix C[1]) Official Notice of Habitual Truanc

  • Appendix C (1)




    Official Notice of Habitual Truancy



    This letter is an official notice that your son/daughter__________________________ has been identified as a habitual truant. As defined by Wisconsin Statures 118.16(1)(a), a habitual truant is a pupil who has been absent from school without an acceptable excuse for all or part of 5 days during a school semester.


    __________________________ has been declared truant on the following dates and times:









    Please also be aware that ______________________________ or you may request program or curriculum modifications and that he/she may be eligible for the school’s Children at Risk Program. In order to discuss these matters and to discuss the important educational consequences of ___________________’s chronic truancy problems, I request that you and your child meet with me, a guidance counselor, and possibly other personnel on the date of _______________ at _____________________ at ____________________ School.

    Please contact Associate Principal at 000-0000 to confirm this meeting.


    It is important that you understand that we are referring this matter to the City Attorney and Police Department to ask for a hearing in Municipal Court. They will contact you in the near future. You should be aware that the court can impose the following penalties: Suspension of the child’s operating privilege as defined in Section 340.01(40) Wisconsin Statutes; order the child to participate in counseling, community service, or a supervised work program under Section 48.23(9) Wisconsin Statutes; order the child to remain at home except during hours in which the child is attending religious worship or a school program, order the child to attend an educational program under 48.34(12). Additionally you should also be aware that the Municipal Court can impose a fine each time that ________________ is truant in the future.







    Associate Principal


    Cc:    Superintendent

              Police Liaison Officer


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