AR 431 (Appendix C[2]) Official Notice of Truancy

  • Appendix C (2)



    Official Notice of Truancy



    It is well documented that good attendance is a major factor in student success in school. It is our goal here

    At __________________ School to have students succeed, and therefore we need to work together; school, student, parent, and community, in effort to keep students in school and ultimately find success.


    It is appropriate and necessary to work together in assigning consequences to students and/or parents when truancies occur. These consequences need to be meaningful enough that they deter a student from missing school and encourage youth to be successful.


    This letter is an official notice that your son/daughter ______________________ has been declared truant                                     

    on the date(s) of ________________ period(s)___________. This was his/her _________ truancy this semester.


    The following consequences have been assigned/cited:


             Lunch period detentions_________________________________________________________________


             In school suspension____________________________________________________________________


             Out-of-school suspnsion_________________________________________________________________


             Truancy citation under municipal ordinance_________________________________________________





    Please be reminded that state law (Wisconsin Statute 118.15) defines a student as a habitual truant when he/she earns five (5) truancies in a semester. Our goal is to deter your son/daughter from reaching that point, but in the event that would occur a parent-student-school meeting will be requested. The municipal court has many options to choose from regarding consequences for your student and/or the parent, but typically they range from revocation of drivers license, revocation of fishing/hunting license, community service hours assigned, fines assessed to student and/or parent/guardian, and/or a court order for the parent/guardian to attend school with the student for a court determined period of days.


    Again, I want to emphasize that these consequences are not our goal here at ____________________School. Our goal is to encourage students to be in school, get involved in their classes and co-curriculars, and take advantage of the wonderful opportunities we offer at our school district. I would really like to meet with you and your child during the school day to discuss this issue. Please call me at your convenience at






    Associate Principal

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