'Homework' Ideas

  • Kindergarten “Homework” Ideas

    Language Arts

              READ EVERY DAY

                       -read different texts: picture book, chapter books, magazines…

                       -talk about the pictures

                       -look for familiar letters and words

                       -point out patterns in text: repetitive or rhyming text

                       -talk about what is going on in the story

              Sing the alphabet

              Letter Flashcards

                       -sort capital and lowercase letters

                       -sort letters and numbers

                       -sort words and letters

              Play Bingo or Memory Games

              Play Board Games

              Trace letters

              Write letters

                       -use different writing utensils

    -pencils, pens, markers, crayons, chalk, paint, stamps,, soap crayons…

                       -on different textures

                                 -paper, cardboard, fabric, sidewalk, snow, bathtub

              Write Words

                       -the names of people in your family

                       -copy words you see

                       -write a letter to someone special

                       -write out place cards for the dinner table

                       -write out real or pretend party invitations

                       -write stories or journal things you do

              Play I Spy guessing games

              Go on Letter Scavenger Hunts

                       -fill a pail with Pp objects or a bag with Bb things


        Practice counting to 100

              Count objects

                       -steps you climb, coins in your pocket, fruit snacks in a pouch…

              Practice number recognition

              Play Chutes and Ladders

              Compare more than/less than with different objects

              Find shapes around the house

              Add and subtract objects

              Measure and Weigh

                       -to help make dinner

                       -with a rain gauge

                       -with the bathroom scale


              Build with blocks

              Sort objects

              Play Pick up Sticks

              Play with a calculator

              Look for numbers in your environment

              Make patterns


    Large Motor

        Run, skip, gallop, do silly animal walks


              Balance on wooden beams, railroad ties…


                       -hopscotch, jump rope, leap frog…

              Play on park equipment


              Relay Races



    Fine Motor

        Play with dough

              Create art projects

              Color and Draw


              Trace dot-to-dot pictures

              Play with rubber stamps

              Do lacing cards

              String beads

              Put on a puppet show                 

              Practice tying shoes