443.2 Student Conduct on School Buses

  • BOARD POLICY 443.2


    443.2       -     Student Conduct on School Buses

     A.     Bus Regulations

    Bus rider regulations, as developed by the District, shall be posted in each bus at all times and given to each rider on an annual basis.

    B.      Discipline on the Bus

    No student shall be  dropped off at a point other than his/her pick up or drop off point by a bus driver.  All discipline problems encountered on the bus shall be referred to the supervisor of bus transportation and building principal for appropriate action.

    Legal Ref.:     Sections 120.13(1) and 121.52, Wisconsin Statutes

    Cross Ref.:     Student Handbook

    Approved:      August 21, 1997

    Revised:        June 20, 2013


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