Literacy Concepts

  • Essential Literacy Concepts Every Kindergartner Should Know

    Phonemic Awareness—kindergarten children are learning to:

    Ø      Recognize pairs of rhyming words.

    Ø      Produce rhyming words.

    Ø      Identify initial consonant sounds in single-syllable words.

    Ø      Identify onsets and rimes in single-syllable words.

    Ø      Identify separate phonemes in words.


    Letters and Sounds—kindergarten children are learning to:

    Ø      Recognize and name most letters.

    Ø      Recognize and say the common sounds that are connected to most letters.

    Ø      Write many letters to match spoken sounds.

    Ø      Use their knowledge of sounds and letters to produce early approximate writing.


    Reading Words—kindergarten children are learning to:

    Ø      Read a small core of high frequency words quickly and automatically.

    Ø      Use letters and sounds to figure out a few simple, regularly spelled single-syllable words.

    Ø      Recognize easy spelling patterns in words (we, me).


    Early Reading Concepts—kindergarten children are learning to:

    Ø      Use information from pictures to help them learn about the print.

    Ø      Move left to right across print (within a word and across the lines of a text).

    Ø      Return to the left margin to read the next line.

    Ø      Match one spoken word to one word in print, as defined by space.

    Ø      Notice and isolate words within a text.

    Ø      Read simple one to three line texts using high frequency words and letter/sound relationships to monitor their reading and solve new words.

    Ø      Have high expectations of print—that it will make sense and sound like the language.

    Ø      Use their individual background experience to make sense of a text.

    Ø      Build vocabulary by noticing new words, discussing word meaning and visual structure, and collecting the words they encounter in books.