Help from Home

  • Help from Home


    Take Home Folder:  Each child will have a take home folder that will go home each night and come back to school in the morning.   In this folder will be their spelling list, any other homework and book club recording sheet.   Please be sure the folder comes back and forth each day.   This is a method of you and I being able to communicate also.


    Special Person of the Week:    Each week we will have a child as the special person of the week.  This child will fill out the “All About Me” poster and can bring in anything to help describe him/her.  (See special person of the week letter.)


    Snack:       We will do snack each day, your child is responsible for bringing his/her own HEALTHY treat each day.  If your child will be having milk, you will need to pay for it for the semester.  Thank you!


    Birthdays:   If your child is celebrating a birthday and you would like to send a special treat, you may do so.  All treats are welcome! 


    Supplies:    If you are not sure, ask your child on a periodic basis if they need anything.  I would like them to be responsible for their materials, but if you are unsure, please feel free to call me to check!   I will send quarterly supply reminders out!


    Communication:   Please don’t be afraid to contact me if you have any questions or concerns, your needs are important to me!  You can contact me at school or at home.  Luther School number 920-563-7828 ext. 131.  My cell phone is 608-931-1036 and home is 920-563-7657. 


    School Visits:       Please visit us at school as often as you like.  You are always welcome to come see what we are doing.  I do ask that you do not come in at the very beginning or the end of the day on a regular basis.  I would like your child to be responsible for getting themselves organized at the beginning and ending of our school day.  Children seem much more capable of settling in and getting to work when they are not concerned with the grown-ups outside our door.


    Daily Newsletter: At the end of each week, the children and I work on our Daily Newsletter.  The Daily Newsletter is very important.  It explains each subject area and goals that we covered for the day.  Also, the teacher notes and homework areas are very important because it is a way to communicate to you and inform you of what is going on and due each day.  I hope you find this helpful to you and your child.