Estimation Jar

  • Dear Family,


              Your child has been given the “Estimation Jar” this week.  Please help him/her choose a number of small items that will fit in the Jar.  Have your child count exactly how many items are in it.  Record the number on the bottom of this sheet and return it with the jar at the beginning of the week.  Encourage your child to keep it a secret!


              At school, every student in the class will try to estimate the actual number of items in the jar.  Then the actual number will be revealed during the week, once everyone has had a chance to make a guess.


              Please return the jar to school the first day of the school week. 


              Some suggestions are:


    Sea Shells              M & M’s                 Fruit Loops

    Chocolate Chips      Crayons                 Cheerios

    Skittles                 Cotton Balls           Rocks/Pebbles

    Macaroni               Gummy Bears          M&M’s


    (Be as creative as you like, but remember that these items will not come back home.  The student who has the best estimate will keep whatever is in the jar.)


              The “Estimation Jar is a chance for your student to estimate, compare, count and enjoy the world of numbers.  Thanks for sharing in the joy of learning with your child.



    Mrs. Young



    Your name:______________________________________


    I put _____________________



    ________________________________________ in the jar.

                       (name of item)