443.4 Controlled Substance Abuse


    BOARD POLICY 443.4

    443.4 - Controlled Substance Abuse

    A student shall not illegally possess, use, transmit, sell or be under the influence of any controlled substance of any kind in school buildings, on the school grounds, or off the school grounds at a school activity, function or event.

    The School District of Fort Atkinson utilizes passive alcohol devices as one means to identify students who may be under the influence of alcohol. A student may be required to submit to breath testing to determine the presence of alcohol. Violation of this policy or refusal to submit to a required breath test for the presence of alcohol will result in disciplinary action. 

    Students violating this policy shall be disciplined in accordance with established procedures.


    Legal Ref.:     Sections 118.257, 120.13(1), 125.02(8m), 125.09 and Chapter 161, Chapter 961, Wisconsin Statutes

    Cross Ref.:      453.4 – Administration of Medication to Students


    Approved:       August 21, 1997

    Revised:         July 27, 2009


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