• Grading for 2nd Grade


    You will be seeing most papers come home with a 4, 3, 2, or 1 on the top of them.   This is our new reporting system for grades based on our new progress report for the District.  Each of these numbers mean the following:


    4 -  Advanced:  Doing above 2nd grade work all the time independently.


    3 -  Proficient:  Doing 2nd grade work at this time.


    2 -  Basic:  Sometimes does 2nd grade work at this time.


    1 - Minimal:  Doing below 2nd grade work at this time. 


    A “3” is where is what I want all children to strive for and work towards.  A “3” is what I will be encouraging in the classroom. 


    However, I will be providing activities, lessons, small group, and/or individual assistance for the areas your child needs to have “extra” help in or be “challenged” in.  This reporting system will provide your child with more individualized instruction based on their needs and goals.   For most of the assignments, I have created a rubric that will tell you and me why they received that particular score.  These rubrics are shared with the children before the particular activity or lesson.  If you ever have any questions about these rubrics, please ask me.  I would be glad to share them with you!