Snack Calendar

  •  2019-20 Snack Calendars 

    Snack Schedule and Information:




    Every morning before recess we will take a milk and snack break.  (We will be doing something a little different and fun with snack break.)  At the beginning of each month, your child will be bringing home a snack calendar for the month.  Only once a month, you will be asked to provide a snack for everyone in the class, which would be for about 25 people.  The snack can just be something as simple as cheese and crackers, pudding, popcorn, etc. 



    This is just an easier way to make sure everyone has a snack each day and it’s fun too!  I will send home snack reminders each night for the child that is responsible for bringing the snack the next day.  Please post the calendar on your refrigerator so you remember!  (If your child has a birthday and is not on snack duty for that day, send it in and we will eat two snacks!) I will provide the snacks for the first day in September!


              Also, I do have access to refrigeration if needed!