AR 447 Disciplinary Measures


    AR 447      - Disciplinary Measures

    A.     Student Conference

    Conferences will be conducted with students regarding disciplinary matters to insure due process. Students facing the imposition of disciplinary action must be informed orally or in writing of the facts and nature of the conduct which has been challenged and be given an opportunity to explain their version of the conduct which has been challenged prior to the imposition of the discipline.

    B.      Parent Contact

    Depending on the violation and the seriousness of the action, the student's parents may be contacted by the telephone or mail in addition to a student conference. The intent of the contact is to inform the parents of the violation and the student's attitude during the conference and to solicit parent support for correcting the unacceptable behavior. 

     C.      Parent Conference

    The District Administrator, principal, counselor or teacher may request a parent conference with or without the student present to ensure parent understanding of the student's academic and/or behavior problem and to mobilize a cooperative effort to correct difficulty.


    Cross Ref.:    Administrative Rule 112 - Discrimination Complaint Procedures

    Legal Ref.:     Sections 118.13, 120.13 (1), 121.52 (2), Wisconsin Statutes

                        PI 9.03 (1) of the Wisconsin Administrative Code