What Alumni say about the School District of Fort Atkinson...

  • My four years at Fort Atkinson High School can best be described as busy and full of action.  The courses offered at FAHS are above and beyond any school in the area.  I am very fortunate to start college with 13 credits that will put me a semester ahead. The depth of the class is made great because of the fine staff, administration, and carrying community.


    When it comes to extracurricular activities, there is a myriad to choose from. The FFA organization is geared towards service back to the community. It is refreshing to have been in a program that strives for every student to develop leadership skills. Fort Atkinson High School has proudly earned the honor of being one of the 100 Best Music Schools, according to the American Music Conference. Show choir, for me, was exhilarating, and helped me attain a singer/dancer position in the Wisconsin Singers’ 2006-2007 troupe. We also have a State- Champion Marching band, jazz bands, and a continuously growing orchestra.  Last, but not least, my participation in sports was well rounded. Our teams are always conference contenders and many times compete in regionals and sectionals. Teamwork is always stressed and high standards are set.


    Fort Atkinson High School is not good school, but a great school with many options for any student to select. I was given a scholarship to attend an academy, but gave it up to stay in Fort. It was the right decision to end up with the superior education and life skills I have gained.


    Bradley James - Class of 2006


    I have attended schools in the School District of Fort Atkinson from kindergarten at Barrie Elementary all through 12th grade at the high school. I have come to know many excellent and dedicated teachers who helped make classes interesting and exciting. I have had a plethora of educational opportunities such as technology education, band, French, art, advanced chemistry classes, and AP courses. With the guidance of several AP class teachers, I have come to successfully pass two AP examinations during my senior year, thus gaining valuable college credits.

    Not only does the School District of Fort Atkinson offer a variety of unique and challenging courses, there are plenty of other athletic and recreational activities offered. I have gotten the chance to play sports like boy’s volleyball, tennis, and running cross country. Besides sports, there are many other activities that are extremely beneficial for students. I've gotten to compete in the State Science Olympiad, an academic decathlon, and join many clubs.

    I believe that all of these aspects have helped me become successful when it came to entering college. Without all of the opportunities I have gotten over the years, I don't think I would be as prepared for my future life.


    Nik Hlavacek—Class of 2006


    My experience in the School District of Fort Atkinson is one of if not my fondest memory that I have. Through the open enrolment policy I was able to attend FAHS and I know that I made the right choice. Not only did I receive an excellent education but I also met many friends that I know I will keep in contact with. Through programs including Boys Volleyball, Boys Swimming, The South High Street Singers and FAHS Marching Band I learned many skills that I will be able to apply in later life. At first it seemed like there was just too much to handle but after a while I figured out ways to partake in everything. So, if you are a parent reading this and concerned about your child participating in more that one extra curricular activity you don’t need to worry all the coaches, teachers and other instructors realize that kids are involved in more than one. I also would like to add that I learned excellent leadership, communication and time management skills by participating in all of these programs.

    I would tell anyone debating on attending FAHS that it is an excellent learning facility with highly qualified faculty, excellent community support and top of the line opportunities.


    Andrew Hill—Class of 2006


    My experience with the Fort Atkinson School District has been nothing short of amazing. There was always a sport, organization, or club that a person could get involved in. Even if nothing interested you, you could pick something that you and a couple of your friends liked and start your own club. It was always fun joining a club or sport and making new friends. It sure made the thirteen years go by really quick. The teachers also made my thirteen years go by fast as well. They never wanted to see me, or any student, fail and were always there when we needed help. The Fort Atkinson School District allowed me to learn and have fun in a safe environment and always pushed me to my fullest potential. And to think, the only thing that I had to do was go to school.


    Reid Urbain—Class of 2006

    The school district of Fort Atkinson provided me with the opportunities to explore my passions and dreams. Without the district’s support, I would not have been able to spend a year as a foreign exchange student. While many students in my position are forced to spend an extra year in high school, the district worked with me so I could graduate with my class. In speaking with other students whose school districts were less then supportive with their high school dreams, I realized how lucky I truly was to be a student in Fort Atkinson. The enthusiasm the district had for my personal endeavors is a wonderful example regarding Fort Atkinson’s willingness to dedicate itself to every student.


    Emily Hart—Class of 2006


    During my academic Career with the Fort Atkinson Schools District, I was given every opportunity available in order to ensure a high quality education that makes up the reputation of the Fort School District. I was able to par-take in the fall musicals and travel with the Show Choir. The education I have received has helped me to choose the major of my choice, and I am now enrolled at St. Norbert College, DePere and planning on majoring in History. I will always be grateful to the Fort Atkinson School District for providing me with the education needed to make my future a success.


    Bridget Cohen—Class of 2006


    Dear Dr. Fitzpatrick (Superintendent of Schools),

    I wanted to thank you, all the staff in the Fort Atkinson School district, and the Fort Atkinson community for a great education. For the past year, as I have been planning my future after high school, I often thought about how prepared I am for my next step. Fort Atkinson High School offered many opportunities that I was able to participate in; from great academic programs to athletics to clubs and leadership opportunities, I was able to build a base for my future in college. I also think my classmates were all able to find the niche they needed while at FAHS.

    I spent many hours planning, participating, and attending extracurricular activities. I could never replace those experiences or the quality education that I received. Our teaching and coaching staff at Fort High School is outstanding. We should be proud as a community to have them. I think the key to being successful in high school is to find your niche, your talent, or your interest and work at it. I did that and I had a great time, learned a lot, prepared for college, and made life-long friends. Thanks again

    Annie Kotz—Class of 2006


    The experiences I was able to take advantage of during my years in the Fort Atkinson School District have helped shape who I am today. Being offered the opportunities to take honors and AP classes helped prepare me for the future. Taking World Geography with Mr. Looze made me aware of the expectations teachers have for students and taking Mr. Hovel’s AP Environmental Science class made me aware of the work load I would receive during the later years of my education. Along with the many helpful classes I was offered to prepare me for my future, the teachers impacted my learning significantly. During my senior year the teachers were unbelievably respectful, responsible, and caring. Whenever I needed something they were there to help.

    Helping me realize and reach my goals with sports were my coaches. The support I received during Cross Country and Track was phenomenal. Having my dad as a track coach was a bit frustrating at times, but if it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t have been pushed that “extra step” to help me accomplish my goals. The opportunities and accomplishments I encountered during my years at FAHS have provided me with the strength to become a dedicated and responsible individual.


    Elissa Hovel—Class of 2006


    "My experiences in the Fort Atkinson School District helped shape me into the person that I am today.  There were so many different opportunities that I was given throughout my years in school and I am extremely glad I chose to take advantage of them.  I was able to be in the fall musicals, travel with the show choir and take on leadership roles in the FFA.    My years in Fort Atkinson helped prepare me for college and helped point me towards the major of my choice.  I am currently a major in elementary education and someday hope to return back to Fort Atkinson . I don’t believe there is a school district in the area that can offer what Fort Atkinson gives to their students – quality education and experiences that will change the lives of those who choose to take advantage of what they are offered." 


    Jessica Gerner,  Class of 2005


    "Reflections of Fort Atkinson and my twelve years of fundamental education are of a community that has its educational practices aligned with a focus on enrichment in each subject area, including the arts and music. The School District ’s goals are progressive by embracing technology, which allows for a gateway to a future for its students in a multimedia-rich environment centered on traditional principles. Fort has recognized and acted on its best investments; to strongly support the development of future leaders through the mentorship of dedicated professionals. The dedicated team of educators serves the community by providing diverse resources and skills throughout every grade level. This effective guidance accelerates pupils to the next step, insuring a firm foundation for those that elect to pursue satisfying and rewarding aspirations.  The diversity of activities and programs throughout my years of learning in the Fort School District completed my transition to an Institute of Technology , thus providing the foundation for success in a variety of environments and disciplines."


    Mindy Sherman, Class of 2001


    "Thirteen years in the School District of Fort Atkinson has provided me with more than a valuable education. The atmosphere and environment here is positive and safe. Collectively, the entire staff is composed of outstanding individuals who excel at what they do. This school district grows on students of all ages and helps them 'break from the mold' when they take advantage of what it has to offer." 


    Josh Paynter, Class of 2004


    “The size of the Fort Atkinson School System is one of its best attributes.  It is small enough that classes are the right size, there are many opportunities to take on leadership roles, and it is less competitive to make sports teams as well as musical groups.  It is large enough to offer a wide variety of AP courses, compete with other schools in the state, and provide many organizations to be a part of.” 


    Kathryn Averkamp, Class of 2004


    “The experiences I had in the School District of Fort Atkinson go beyond calculus and beyond geography.  The outstanding teachers and administrators who covered calculus and geography and then continued to help students even after the class bell rang is what I value most from my time in Fort Schools.  Technology education teachers willing to discuss a current event with me on their lunch break, teachers who spend a weekend as advisors on a trip to the state competition for a student organization, social studies teachers who stay after school to help the student government run smoothly; these types of teachers are the norm in Fort, and helped provide me with a well rounded education that came from the books and beyond.”


    Andrew Hable, Class of 2003


    “Having gone all of the way through the School District of Fort Atkinson, I am extremely familiar with the way in which the district functions.  I had a wonderful experience at every level of my education in Fort Atkinson My teachers made classrooms fun learning environments, and they were willing to go above and beyond the requirements of their contracts and make personal connections with me in order to aid in my learning process.” 


    Jennifer Lucey, Class of 2003


    "My time spent at Fort Atkinson High School has benefited me in countless ways. Classes such as AP Geography gave me a leg up upon entering college.  Also, the friendships that I made with both students and faculty remain strong and intact even to this day.  I still feel welcome whenever I pass through the doors of FAHS.”


    Tom Jonas, Class of 2002


    FAHS prepared me for life beyond Fort Atkinson.  The AP classes I took gave me an advantage over other college freshmen, while numerous other classes provided a solid base for continuing my studies.  I use skills I learned at Fort Atkinson High School every day implementing knowledge from classes such as PC Applications to Honors Economics.  Not until I took a step back did I realize the huge effect FAHS had in my educational and personal development.” 


    Barb Jonas, Class of 2000


    “School sports have helped me in a number of ways; I learned to work as a team to achieve a common goal, met some wonderful people who became very close friends, and being on a team allowed me to interact with people in classes above and below me.  My skills and understanding for the sport improved along with staying fit.  High School sports were a great experience, and my four years of High School would not have been as fun and educational without them.” 


    Nicole Mode, Class of 2004

    “I am a freshman at Purdue University and am taking a General Chemistry class (CHEM 111). I have found that everything I learned my junior year in Mr.Rumppe's Chemistry class has helped immensely. As much as I don't enjoy chemistry, I'm very glad I decided to take it in high school because it prepared me so well for what I am doing right now in college. I'm actually taking my high school chemistry notebook back with me to Purdue."


    Leslie Vos, Class of 2004