AR460 - Student Scholarships



    AR460  -  Student Scholarships




    The District shall annually designate academic scholars, for purposes of the Wisconsin Academic Excellence Higher Education Scholarship. The scholars shall be the seniors with the highest grade point average (GPA). The scholars shall be named in accordance with timelines required by law. The GPA shall be determined in accordance with established Board policy.


    Students must be enrolled full-time at the high school for three (3) consecutive semesters prior to the awarding of the scholarship.


    Academic Excellence Scholarship Tie–Breaking Procedure

    The Governor’s Academic Excellence Scholarship is awarded to the top two students (based on the 7th semester cumulative GPA) in each graduating class. In the event there is a tie in GPA, the students nominated by the District for the Governor’s Academic Excellence Scholarship shall be selected on the basis of (1) students who plan to attend a college or university in the State of Wisconsin; if still tied, (2) highest score on the college entrance ACT Test as administered on or before December 31st of the senior year; and if still tied, (3) the number of credits earned through the 7th semester by each student. During Senior Recognition and Awards Night, the top two seniors (determined using the procedure stated above) will be recognized. Alternates will not be recognized.




    Wisconsin’s Technical Excellence Higher Education Scholarship is a State supported program, jointly administered by the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) and the Higher Education Aids Board (HEAB).  The program offers high school seniors scholarships up to three years for post high school education at a Wisconsin Technical College within the Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS). 


    Qualifications for Eligibility

    The following standards must be met to qualify for the Technical Excellence Scholarships.  The students and alternates must:


    A.    Be a resident of the United States who is either a U.S. citizen or an alien lawfully admitted for permanent residence;

    B.    Be a Wisconsin resident as defined in 36.27 Wis. Stats.;

    C.    Have achieved senior status and have been in attendance for three (3) consecutive semesters with the School of Fort Atkinson School District during their freshman, sophomore, junior, and/or senior year(s).


    In addition, in order to be eligible for a TES scholarship, a student must notify the high school Pupil Services Office that he/she has completed at least one of the following eight eligibility items, by completing the FAHS TES Eligibility form by the last Friday in January.


    1.    Have completed at least three (3) high school CTE courses (career and technical education courses) in program area(s) leading to a degree or diploma in the student’s chosen pathway.

    2.    Participated in a Youth Apprenticeship Program under the supervision of the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development (DWD).

    3.    Participated in a Technical High School Diploma program as certified by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

    4.    Participated in a Career and Technical Training pathway as defined by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

    5.    Participated in a Skills Standards Program offered by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.

    6.    Completed (or be on track to complete) an industry-recognized certification program approved under Wis. Stats. 115.367.

    7.    Participated in a Career and Technical Student Organization (CTSO) in Wisconsin: DECA, FBLA, FCCLA, FFA, HOSA, SkillsUSA.

    8.    Completed a technical training program for high school student if the program is offered by a UW System school, a Wisconsin Technical College System school, a tribal college in Wisconsin, or a private nonprofit college or university located in Wisconsin.


    Level of Proficiency Criteria

    The High School Principal, and/or his/her designee shall nominate the appropriate number of seniors as designated by the Higher Education Aids Board (HEAB) who have the highest level of proficiency in technical education subjects using the HEAB recommended ranking system.  HEAB’s recommended ranking system consists of ranking eligible students according to a point system reflective of coursework and technical education experience.  Under the recommended point system:

    -      One point is given to a student for each credit earned in a high school CTE courses.

    -      One point is given to a student for each year of activity in a Career and Technical Student Organization in Wisconsin.  For activity in multiple CTSOs, one point is to be given for each year of participation in each CTSO.

    -      For the purpose of assigning a ranking among eligible candidates, credit hours in process at the time of nomination should be counted toward the number of credits the student has earned.

    Students enrolled under the full-time public school Open-Enrollment Program who qualify based on the standards identified above are eligible for the Technical Excellence Higher Education Scholarship in the school they actually attend.


    In the event of a tie involving the level of proficiency in career and technical education subjects, the first tie breaker will be cumulative GPA; the scholar(s) with the highest GPA will be selected.  If the first tie breaker does not determine the scholar(s), a representative committee of high school faculty members shall select the scholarship nominee(s) and certify, in descending rank order, those remaining seniors with the same grade point average as alternate designees.


    The High School Principal, and/or his/her designee, shall select the applicable number of seniors for nomination as scholars and shall certify, in order of priority, any remaining eligible seniors with the same level of proficiency as alternates for the scholarship or, if there is no remaining senior with the same level of proficiency, any remaining seniors with the next highest level of proficiency as alternates for the scholarship.


    Cross Reference:  Board Policy 460 – Student Scholarships






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