Speech and Language Homework

  • Homework?  In the speech-language program?  You bet!  I primarily give homework to the students working on articulation or speech skills.  Articulation, or producing speech sounds, is a motor skill just like shooting free throws in a basketball game is a motor skill.  The only way to get better at shooting free throws is to practice many, many times.  The same is true for articulation.  The only way to have better speech sounds is to practice, practice and practice some more.  A few things about the homework...

    1.  Your child will only be practicing the tasks he/she CAN do, but needs practice to have the skill become a habit.  It is my job to teach the skill and I ask that your job be to help with practicing.

    2.  I will supply the speech folder for your son/daughter.  The folder will have their speech schedule on the inside and will contain a homework sheet from me.  The left side of the folder will be for work that needs to be completed and the right side for completed work.  I ask that the completed work stay in the right side.  It is a nice way to track all that the child has completed.

    3.  I will typically ask that you practice a certain number of days out of the days between speech sessions.  For instance, 3 days out of 5.  Just initial or sign on the days the child practiced and return to the folder with your child at the next speech session.

    4.  If at any time the instructions I write for the homework are not clear, please call me (920-563-7818) or e-mail me.  You can also write any notes on the homework sheet that you feel are important.

    5.  Lastly, if something comes up and the homework cannot be completed just write a note on the homework sheet.  I understand that things happen and we just do the best we can.