Comprehensive Literacy Model

  • Comprehensive Literacy Model Schools
    The Comprehensive Literacy Model is a school-based initiative that utilizes literacy coaches to demonstrate and model for classroom teachers research-based teaching methods and practice within the essential components of a literacy program to promote accelerated achievement for students in reading, writing, and word study. 
    We are proud to be a comprehensive literacy model school because we strive daily to:
    • implement and model explicit teaching for whole-group mini-lessons
    • provide differentiated, small group instruction tailored to meet the needs of groups of students
    • confer individually with readers and writers to foster independence
    • deliver short-term, research-based interventions to promote acceleration
    • implement respectful, purposeful talk in all subject areas to deepen comprehension
    • foster inquiry-based learning to promote collaboration and high-level thinking
    • provide exposure to diverse, rich literature across the curriculum
    • build comprehensive classroom libraries to instill a value of lifelong reading across genres
    • integrate technology to prepare students for 21st century learning
    • engage in regular, frequent, and intensive discussions about student progress and instructional improvement

    Classroom teachers implement these components through collaboration with the Literacy Coach. This initiative is based on research that clearly indicates that a school system and student learning does not improve unless teachers continually learn, collaborate, and problem-solve together around teaching and learning issues. The Comprehensive Literacy Model has resulted in dramatic gains in student performance in schools across the country that have adopted and successfully implemented the model.  Sheboygan, Appleton, Madison, Pembine, Green Bay, and D.C. Everest are just a few of the districts in the state of Wisconsin that have adopted this model.  Our students and our teachers are the beneficiaries of this model as everyone grows in literacy together.
    For more information about the Comprehensive Literacy Model, please visit the model web site at