PBIS Overview

    PBIS Elementary School-Wide Expectations

    The School District of Fort Atkinson has all four elementary buildings implementing PBIS within their schools.  Here are three common expectations:

    1. Be Respectful!

    2. Be Responsible!

    3. Be Safe!

    So you can…

    Be Ready To Learn!


    Voice Level Scale

    We encourage all staff and students to follow our voice level scale to help monitor our interactions:

    Level 0 = Silent Voice; No talking

    Level 1 – Spy talk; Whisper voice

    Level 2 – Quiet Voice; Soft talking

    Level 3 – Inside Voice; Normal talking

    Level 4 – Outside Voice; Yelling, Shouting, etc.


    Here are recommended voice levels in each setting:

    Classroom-Voice Level 0-2 (Depending)

    Bathroom-Voice Level 0-1

    Hallway-Voice Level 0

    Lunchroom-Voice Level 0-1

    Outside Playground-Voice Level 3-4


    Individual Behavior Tracking

    Classroom teachers have flexibility with their classroom management.  While the PBIS structure encourages using a behavior clip up/down chart to track daily student behavior, we have modified quite a bit to keep behavior tracking positive for the well-being and privacy of all of our students.  Please connect with your child's teacher to see how this will be handled.


    Whole Class Reinforcement

    Each classroom may earn coins based on following our school expectations and leading by example.  These coins are added up weekly and will go toward our all-school coin goal to receive a quarterly reward.

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