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  • 1:30 Monday Release Bell Schedule

    70-minute classes with a 10-minute check-in enrichment


    Block 1 A/B 7:50-9:00

    Block 2 A/B 9:05-10:15


    Early Lunch                            Middle Lunch                 Late Lunch

    Lunch 10:15-10:45                   Class 10:20-10:55           Class 10:20-11:30

    Class 10:50-12:00                    Lunch 10:55-11:25          Lunch 11:30-12:00

                                                     Class 11:25-12:00


    Enrichment 12:05-12:15

    Block 5 A/B 12:20-1:30

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    Remember to check your email often for updates from your teachers and the school.  Need an email address or password?  Contact 920-563-7811, x1151.


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    Need a Chromebook?  Have a tech issue?  Contact 920-563-7811, x1151.

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