Kim Brock
  • Kim Brock

    Attendance Office Administrative Assistant

    (920) 563-7811, x1106

  • Advance Notice


    On some occasions a student will know in advance that he/she will be absent from school on a particular day or days. Prior to their absence, students must turn in to the attendance office a Pre-Determined Absence form signed by parent/guardian, teachers, and administration. Students are responsible for all make-up work. Such work should be completed prior to the absence whenever possible.


    Without Notice


    If a student needs to be absent from school, a parent/guardian must call the high school attendance office prior to the start of the school day (563-7811 ext. 1106).  Voice mail is available to receive calls at any time. The following reasons may be considered excused absences, however, according to State Law, the School Administration shall make the final determination regarding excused and unexcused absences:

    1.  Illness

    2.  Death in the Family

    3.  Family Emergency

    4.  Required Court Appearances

    5.  Extreme Weather Conditions

    6.  Recognized Religious Services

    7.  Any Advance Absence Approved by the Administration

    8.  In-School & Out-of-School Suspensions.


    Students have two school days to provide an excuse for an absence. Students failing to provide an acceptable excuse after two days will be considered truant.


    Unexcused Abscence or Truancy

    If a student absence is unexcused, he/she may be assigned detention(s) and/or an in-school suspension. Having unexcused absences may also prevent a student from participating/attending school functions and/or events. The following are examples of absences considered unexcused (truancies):

    1.  “Cutting” classes, study halls, or homeroom.

    2.  Trips or advance absences not approved in advance by the associate principal.

    3.  Gainful employment not affiliated with a school-sponsored program.

    4.  Over-sleeping.

    5.  “Cutting” classes to work on other class assignments.

    6.  Shopping

    7.  Car trouble.

    8.  Leaving the building during the school day without signing out in the attendance office.



    If students need to leave the building during the school day, they must sign out in the attendance office.  A telephone contact must be made with the student's parent or guardian prior to the student being allowed to leave. Leaving the school building during the school day without signing out in the attendance office will be considered an unexcused absence. Any student who is unexcused from school, and returns with food or drink, will be directed to discard it.