• Miranda Cottrell

    Main Office Secretary

    (920) 563-7811, x1100

Work Permits

  • Work Permits can be purchased in the main office from Ms. Cottrell, main office secretary.

    Wisconsin employers hiring or permitting minors ages 12-15 years to work in a gainful occupation must possess a valid work permit for each minor before work may be performed. The work permit establishes a minor’s proof of age and insures that the employer, parent/guardian, and minor are aware of the state child labor laws and regulations.

    Work permits may be requested from one of Fort Atkinson High School’s licensed state child labor permit officers in the main office between 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.  Please allow 24 hours for processing of a work permit request.  

    The following information must be provided to the permit officer before a work permit can be issued:

    1. Proof of age (birth or baptismal certificate).

    2. Employer’s written intent to hire, including job duties to be performed and the hours and time of day.

    3. Parental/Guardian written consent (the employer’s written statement may be countersigned).

    4. Social Security Card (the number alone is not sufficient) or tax document.

    5. $10.00 permit fee, paid by the employer (if the minor pays for the permit, the employer must reimburse the minor not later than the first paycheck).

    Students must personally sign the state form when picking up the completed work permit.  Wisconsin State Law allows a school to refuse to issue or to revoke a work permit because of unsatisfactory school attendance and/or other school situations/problems.

    For more information about work permits, please visit the Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development.