Staff Wellness

  • The staff wellness committee is a team of employees who formally meet and plan activities to promote good health for themselves and for their fellow workers.

    Our goal is to create a culture and environment that supports all District staff and their dependents in focusing on their personal health and well-being.
    Strategic Plan Outcomes:

    • Transform the current Student Nutrition & Wellness Committee into a "District Wellness Committee" that focuses on student and employee nutrition and wellness.
    • Differentiate the current District Wellness Committee into a Student Wellness Committee and an Employee Wellness Committee. 
    • Utilize these committees to establish wellness programs throughout the District.
    • Create staff wellness programs that are beneficial to both the employee and the District.
    • Further, develop partnerships with community-based businesses and organizations to assist the District in developing and implementing District wellness programs.



  • Committee Membership

    The School District of Fort Atkinson Student and Staff Wellness Committees are always looking for new members.

    The SDFA Wellness Committee: 

    • is a team of employees who formally meet and plan activities to promote good health for themselves and for their fellow workers,
    • represents employees from all levels of the district, 
    • communicates to staff information about known health risks and the value of a Fort Atkinson School District wellness committee and wellness initiatives, 
    • creates and maintains open lines of communication between wellness committees and district staff, 
    • promotes participation in both individual and group activities, 
    • advocates for worksite policies and environments that support improved health, 
    • coordinates the monitoring and evaluation of the wellness activities/programs offered to employees, and 
    • serves as the leader/champion for wellness activities at their worksite.



      • Living Healthy Rewards powered by WebMD - *for Dean health plan members only
      • Nurse Liaison Visits-
        • Examples of how your Nurse Liaison can help you:
          • Is a new medical diagnosis leaving you feeling confused and overwhelmed?
          • Are you interested in making healthy lifestyle changes but unsure where to start?
          • Are you unsure how to find a Primary Care Provider (PCP)?
          • Do you want to know more about your annual health screening results?
          • Are you feeling lost in the medical system and unsure who to call?
          • Do you need assistance signing up for MyChart?
    • National Health Observances
    • CSA Coalition (Community Sponsored Agriculture) 
    • Fort Health Care - Community Wellness