822 News Media Relations




    822         -     News Media Relations


                         Generally, the District administrator is the authorized spokesperson for the Board of Education and the School District on matters of District concern.


                         Any communication of general interest, which is directed to parents through students, must be approved by the District administrator’s office.


                         A.     Responsibilities of School Personnel


                                  All employees of the School District are encouraged to supply information or answer questions from the public about the school activities directly within their jurisdiction or first-hand knowledge, except:


                                  1.   When such information involves a total program of an individual school, such communication should first be approved by the building principal. Such information released through the District administrator’s office shall be in cooperation with the building principal.


                                  2.   When such information involves Districtwide programs or policies, approval should first be obtained from the District administrator’s office by the principal.


                         B.      Responsibilities of Board of Education


                                  When an official action of the Board of Education is under discussion, the Board president may be an authorized spokesperson for the Board of Education.


                         Cross Ref.:    Board Policy 161


                         Approved:      July 28, 1997