823 Access to Public Records




    823         -     Access to Public Records


                         The Board of Education of the School District of Fort Atkinson shall allow persons to have access to School District records in accordance with this policy and in accordance with law.


                         The District administrator is designated as the legal custodian of records covered by State Statutes (Records).


                         The legal custodian shall safely keep and preserve Records of the School District and shall have full legal power to render decisions and carry out duties related to those public Records maintained by any School District authority. The legal custodian may deny access to Records only in accordance with the law. The legal custodian is authorized and encouraged to consult the District’s legal counsel in determining whether to deny access to a Record in whole or in part.


                         Public Records may be inspected, copied and/or abstracted at any time during established District office hours. The legal custodian may establish fees in accordance with the law. A list of such fees shall be made available at the District office.


                         Records of the District shall be kept for a minimum of seven (7) years, with the exception of student Records, which shall be maintained and destroyed according to provisions of Policy 347 (5260). All obsolete school Records shall be destroyed only after compliance with State Statute 19.23.


                         A public Records notice shall be displayed in the office of each school in the District and the administration building.


                         Legal Ref.:     Chapter 19, Subchapter II & IV

                                              Section 118.125 and 120.13(28), Wisconsin Statutes


                         Cross Ref.:    Board Policy 347 - Student Records


                         Approved:      August 21, 1997