832 - Weapons on School Premises


    832         -     Weapons on School Premises

    The possession and/or use of a firearm, whether loaded or unloaded, any destructive device, or other dangerous weapon (as defined under section 948.61 of the state statutes and 18 U.S.C Sec. 921(a) of federal law) is prohibited at all times in school buildings and other buildings owned, occupied or controlled by the school district, on school premises, in school-provided transportation, and at activities under school supervision, except where federal or state law prohibits a school district from restricting an individual's right to possess a firearm or other weapon in such locations.

    When implementing this policy, school administrators and other employees should be aware that state-issued licenses permitting certain private individuals to lawfully carry a handgun or certain other weapons in various public places generally do not permit the possession, carrying or use of such weapons in schools or on school premises. This policy is not intended to prohibit the possession or use of potentially dangerous objects not designed primarily as weapons, provided that such objects have been issued or expressly authorized by the District, and provided that such objects are possessed and used exclusively for their limited and authorized purpose.

    Law enforcement officials shall be contacted to help deal with a weapons situation which presents an immediate threat to safety. If the situation does not allow an opportunity to contact law enforcement officials immediately, school staff shall attempt to diffuse and control the situation in the safest manner possible until law enforcement officials can be summoned. Appropriate information and training shall be provided to staff in dealing with weapons situations in accordance with the school safety plan.

    A student who possesses a firearm, any destructive device, or other dangerous weapon which presents an imminent threat to safety in violation of this policy shall be suspended from school and referred to the District Administrator for an administrative hearing to determine disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from school for no less than one year. The School Board may modify this expulsion requirement on a case-by-case basis. Students otherwise possessing a weapon in violation of any District policy or rule shall be subject to appropriate school disciplinary action, up to and including suspension and expulsion from school. A law enforcement or juvenile justice referral shall also be made for all students violating this policy.

    Employees violating this policy may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment, and shall be referred to law enforcement officials for prosecution under applicable federal or state laws and/or local ordinances.

    Any other person violating this policy shall be referred to law enforcement officials for prosecution under applicable federal or state laws and/or local ordinances.

    This policy shall be published annually in student and staff handbooks and through other means appropriate to notify the public as required by law or determined by the administration.

    On a case-by-case, the Board may give advance approval allowing an exception to this policy for a specific event or activity, provided that the request for such an exception is also consistent with the discretionary exceptions authorized under federal or state law.

    Legal Ref.:   Sections 118.07, 118.31 Section 120.13(1), 175.60, 941.23, 943.13, 948.60, 948.605, 948.61, Wisconsin Statutes


    Gun-Free Schools Act of 1994

    Federal Law 18 U.S.C Sec. 921(a)

    Individuals with Disabilities Education Act

    Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973


    Cross Ref.:   Board Policy 443 – Student Conduct-Responsibilities for the Learning Environment

    Student Handbook


    Approved:      November 17, 2011